GOOD in the HOOD


Since becoming Z Service Stations we have been lucky to become involved in the Z Energy funded - Good in the Hood - community programme. Z allocate each site with $5000 for local community groups. $4000 of this is allocated on site during the month of June. When customers make any purchase they are offered the opportunity to vote for one of 4 local groups selected by the site. They do this by placing an orange token in the token boxes provided. The $4000 is then split based on the number of tokens each group recieves.

The remaining $1000 is used throughout the remainder of the year to help with other local charity initiatives.

In 2015 Z introduced a new 'Supercharge' initiative which saw an additional lot of funds available for a selection of charities.


Check out the video NZRT-12 - A recipient of this years GITH program 2015

Nice moves Mr. Waghorn :)

Check out our GOOD IN THE HOOD video.